Friday, 30 October 2009

Jeffreys Comics

Lewis' Art plays a big part in his music, illustrating his point and helping make things more interesting. But not only is it a part of his music, it's a whole different area to Jeffreys work. with 7 issues of his 'Fuff' comic (formally known as 'Guff') and many more comics make him highly popular in the comic world.

#3 Jeffreys live music

obviously very closely linked with his recordings, Jeffrey Lewis performs alot of live shows across mainly USA, the UK and europe. Jeffreys shows aren't like any normal live show, some people say it's music performed by a funny guy, some say hes a comedian that does his stand up with music. However the only way his shows have been set into a genre is by calling it Anti folk. When he performs on stage Jeffrey encorparates his music, his comic book art and his comedy into one multi sensual experience.

here is an example of his live shows, a video clip from youtube. Creeping brain by Jeffrey lewis

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Jeffrey's music

I started on and wanted to find out how much music he has made so i clicked the discography link, this gave me a comprihensive list of all his recorded songs, how they were recorded, who played/wrote them and when they were recorded. The list consisted of 26 'Albums' although some were re-recordings etc.

Jeffrey Lewis' work

I decided that because Jeffrey Lewis has such a broad portfolio it was most sensible to record my research of him in sections. Im going to make the most of Bloggers tagging option by tagging my posts as either Music, Art or Video and sometimes more than one tag if it applies to different areas. I began my research with his music. 

#1 Jeffreys website

SOURCE: i decided to start my research by finding Jeffrey Lewis' own website.

HOW AND WHERE FOUND: i found it by searching Jeffrey Lewis in Google this is his website:

SUMMARY OF INFORMATION: The website shows you pretty much everything Jeffrey has done in organised links etc whilst the site it self is styled by Jeffrey as well.

REFLECTION: I Found the website very informative and gave me a very good insight to all of his work and will make it much easier to research further as i can refrence it and show me what i need to be looking for.

There is so much information and all of it is on Jeffrey, that i didn't see the need to write much of it here.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Jeffery Lewis

This is where i am choosing to record the research i do on Jeffery lewis. as of yet i havn't researched him as such but i have a basic knowlege of him and his work. I know that he crosses over into the three main creative establishments. Those being art, music and videos. Jeffery is also known to be a big part of Anti Folk.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009



When and where found

How found

Summary of information