Friday, 4 December 2009

Emailing jeffrey lewis

myself and another student in my class, Matt who is also researching Jeffrey Lewis decided to email him, this is what we sent.

Dear Mr Lewis.

My name is Matthew Hornby,
Me and my partner, Sam Chappell-Winnington, we have chosen to do a research project on you for our course work in Creative Media Diploma at Long Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge, England.
We were wondering if you would be able to spare a few minutes to answer some of our questions which will hopefully give our final essay a boost in marks and a personal touch.
If this ok, here is a few vital questions which will help us and our project in learning about you and your career.
Our working title is 'What can the work of Jeffrey Lewis tell us about Creativity?'

-The outline of your career development and how they moved towards combining two or more disciplines, for example how your music and lo fi videos come together to enhance your work?

-To what technical and aesthetic effect have you combined disciplines in one piece of work

or series of works? 

-To what extent can your work be considered Postmodern?

-How do you feel your Audience influence your shows and how you create songs and comics?

If this is not too much hassle it would be very much appreciated and would help us out a great deal.

Also, we were wondering why you changed your comic book series from Fuff to Guff then back to Fuff?

Yours Sincerely,
Matt and Sam

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