Monday, 7 December 2009

Jeffrey's comic influences

In an interview between Jeffrey and Logan Kaufman on the adventures underground website i learnt a lot of new things about Jeffrey, one of the biggest things i found, that i hadn't been able to find a lot of before was what influenced Jeff early on to write comics.

Jeffrey Lewis said this "Rom #7 is sort of the first comic I recall having real significance to me; for some reason Rom grabbed me a lot more than Superman or the Hulk or the usual popular stuff. I got Rom comics whenever I could. When I was a little bit older my babysitter Laurie got me into the black and white Elfquest comic magazine, so I was kind of into independant "underground" comics almost right from the beginning, and through picking up stuff at garage sales I also got into the English translations of Tintin comics from Belgium. So even from a pretty young age, I had a wider view of the comics world than if I was just into the mainstream superhero stuff, not that I didn't love that as well. And we never had a TV in the house the whole time I was growing up, so reading books and comics was my main form of entertainment."

Here is the link to the page

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